You've been shortlisted. You may need to complete a pre-assessment test and/or a short telephone call with our team to chat about your experience

Initial interview

A short phone or video call with the hiring manager focusing on your technical fit. Typically about 30 mins


An in-person interview with the hiring team focusing on technical and competency-based questions

Offer Acceptance

Great news, you've accepted our offer. A contract and paperwork will be accessible on the online portal

Security Clearance

Security clearance takes 2-6 weeks to process. References and a medical check are also part of our onboarding checks

Onboarding Portal

Log on to the online portal to read the pre-boarding information to help you prepare for your first day

First week

Getting settled in, familiarising yourself with your new role and colleagues. Completing online mandatory training


Learning about other divisions in the organisation and our initiatives such as Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion

Performance Development

Starting your initial Performance Development Conversation (PDC) with your manager including objectives, aspirations and how we can support you