Candidate FAQs

What are the our values?

Do the right thing - We always do the right thing, not the easy thing, to achieve our Vision and Mission

Never stop learning - We’re always open to challenging our thinking

Build collaborative relationships - We have common goals and we use our diverse experiences, skills and knowledge to achieve them

Respect everyone - We know, and show, that everyone deserves respect

How do I check the progress of my application? 

You will be able to see the progress of your application when you log in to our career portal.

How do I change my email address when I have submitted my application? 

If you need to change your email address, we can do this for you with written consent.  Please contact us via

I have applied for 2 different jobs - can I amend the cover letter to suit the different roles?

Yes, you can amend this before submitting your application by uploading a new document.

How do I amend my cover letter/ CV? 

You can amend this whilst you are applying for a job with us, each time you log in you will be prompted to attach a cv and/or cover letter which you can amend before submitting your application.

Where do I find my offer?

Your offer letter and contract will be available to you to view and accept in your Candidate Profile area in the careers site.  Please be aware that after you accept the offer online you will no longer be able to see these documents, so we strongly recommend that you download a copy to save for yourself.

When I sign my offer/contract online how soon do I can start putting references and completing the security checks. 

The HR Ops team will receive notification that you have accepted your offer and will aim to send this out as soon as possible for you to complete the next steps.  

When will my pre-employment checks be completed?

Pre-employment checks do vary in length – an estimation would be 4 to 6 weeks. For an update on progress, please contact

How many references do you require?

We require employment references covering the most recent three years.  Where there are gaps in employment, please provide details of a personal referee who can provide a character reference (this should not be a family member or an employee of the CAA).  Where you have been self-employed, please provide your accountant’s contact details.

Can my current employer be contacted later for a reference? 

Yes, you tell us when you’re ready for us to contact your current employer. When you are submitting your reference information in the system you have the option to say “No” to contacting your current employer at this stage and the team will await further instruction from you.

When will my start date be confirmed?

Your line manager will contact you to agree a start date once all pre-employment checks (Security, References and Medical) have been satisfactorily completed

When should I hand my notice in for my current job?

We cannot advise on this as our offer of employment cannot be confirmed until all pre-employment checks have been satisfactorily completed.